YouTube Intro video for my channel

YouTube Intro to My Channel

Friday 11 September 2020

EP coming up

Thinking about doing an EP of 4 songs 

In My Place

I think its going to rain tonight

Where have I seen your face before

How do I turn you on 

Live Performances...just me and guitar

Saturday 29 August 2020

One Cigarette - ft poem by Edwin Morgan - Karen Adlard on Flute


One Cigarette on Soundcloud

Lyrics: One Cigarette

Lyric by Edwin Morgan, @ the Estate of Edwin Morgan, by kind permission of Carcanet Press Ltd.

All of my life - 1973 Restored & Cover by Mike Cunningham

Cover version by Mike Cunningham

All of my day - 1973 Restored 

Original song recorded in 1973 with Mike Cunningham digitized from a Stereo cassette copy from a Sony Reel to Reel tape. The original reel to reel tape was lost.

The digitized recording was made on a Korg D3200 labelled 024 All of my day.

Dave Croxford on lead vocal and Yamaha FG180 Acoustic guitar, Mike Cunningham harmonies and Eko Acoustic guitar. 

Lyrics: All of my Life|

Saturday 22 August 2020

Songs being updated for re-release

Adam Grossman drums on When night falls, Digger,  Xmas Dong 

When Night Falls - Adam on drums and new video 

Flute and Phil's Bass on Take me to that feel good moment with Pete and Ella

Mike O'Brien vocals on Xmas Dong, also has Adams drums

Don't Ask Me To Runaway - video to youtube